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April 23, 2015


"You designed this clothes? You are really talented, you look so elegant! Congratulations on your career," Cav.Lav. Mario Boselli was commenting Franka's outfit on meeting during Milan Fashion Week 2014. He was showing the outfit to Milan Fashion Week team, "Look, how...

April 20, 2015


Raffaella Curiel –Italian Senior Designer, F.I.D.A.P.A Woman of The Year 2010

"I love Indonesia!  My last collection is dedicated for Indonesia. I was asking my son to buy antique textiles from Indonesia and I use them as inspirations for my collections. They are amaz...

April 20, 2015


Sara Maino- Senior Fashion Editor of Vogue Italy & Vogue Talents Editor
"Sarong as fashion item? It looks great! Interesting..."


#Sarong is a traditional fashion items found in many countries including Indonesia. Sarong is one of the highlight of Indonesia Fashion Wee...

April 20, 2015


Iman Aldebe is a designer and visual artist who is born in Sweden. With her womenswear label IMAN ALDEBE, she gained much success both in Sweden and internationally. You can find her beautiful pieces in exclusive boutiques in Stockholm, Paris, Dubai and SoHo (New York...

April 20, 2015


No. Bangladesh is not only a place to produce fashion items.. It is a fashion scene by itself. Aydha Mehnaz, the girl from Minazification is telling all the things you need to know about Bangladesh fashion, including the hijab fashion scene. Keep on reading!


Tell me a...

April 20, 2015


Hijabi bloggers have become the common phenomenon since 6 years ago. Hijabi women have proven themselves as independent individuals who can express themselves through various social medias. For many hijabi bloggers, this activity is no longer considered as hobby. They...

April 20, 2015


Hello, I am Franka Soeria. Indonesian living in Istanbul.
I am a fashion stylist, fashion journalist, fashion copywriter, fashion consultant, fashion PR, fashion designer and whatever in between. You can say I am a fashion hybrid.


I have been writing in the media for...

April 20, 2015


Which one is more important? Joining fashion show or trade exhibition?


I have been hearing this question too often; again and again. To tell you the truth, I prefer to choose the second one.

Indonesian fashion designers tend to have misleading concept about a fashion s...

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Modest Fashion Episode: Iman Aldebe - The Hijabi Designer of Project Runway

April 20, 2015

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