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Franka Soeria



Franka Soeria is known as the brain of modest fashion with her multiple global initiatives that accelerate the industy. With her diverse background from entertainment, journalism and entrepreneurship, Franka commit to assist fashion and creative industry at her full capacity.
As a serial entrepreneur in fashion, art and other various fields, Franka has been creating and co-creating many meaningful projects from #Markamarie- a fashion aggregator in Southeast Asia together with her partner Ismail Semin, Council of Modest Fashion (with branches in 8 countries) and ModFA Network with Sprout Asia and many more. Franka is also known as the creator of  Modest Fashion Weeks concept that is known globally. 

Her other works are Benang Project with UNHCR, Modest Fashion Founders Fund with Kemenparekraf in 2019 and 2021 (Indonesian government), Introducing Indonesia event, Jakarta Sweet Ramadan, Modest Fashion Day (Kazan 2022), Indonesia Modest Fashion Day (with Bank Indonesia in Dubai 2022), Togethere Summit: International Virtual Modest Fashion Summit (with LinkAja Syariah in 2021), Togethere: Royal Experience (Istanbul 2022), Denim Universe (with Matahari in 2024) and many more.

Franka is actively mentoring brands and creating meaningful projects.

in 2020, Franka published her book Randomthoughts of Franka with Penerbit Miracle (Gramedia Pustaka Utama).

With many effective projects in hand, the media hailed her as one of The Game Changer in Modest Fashion industry. 

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