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Franka Soeria

Modest fashion industry is a different side of the fashion that we know, than universal fashion. It needs different treatment with different approaches and it has different audience. 

In addition, Modest fashion around the globe has very colorful diversity, includes many different tastes especially when the cultures get involved. By the time the consumers preferences are changing, this is merging into universal fashion and sometimes with a little touch of the traditional looks. This change brings up a chance to present each of the countries/region's garments and fashion to a global stage and global vision. This brings diversity and enrichment to modest fashion, a huge plus indeed.


From designers/brands and bloggers to fashion enthusiasts every of us have many things to learn, the time is changing, needs are changing and the fashion is moving forward. By the time; the internet and the social media platforms are in our lives, we have chance to introduce/present the new styles and figure out the opportunities and markets more than ever before !

We are open for partnerships and special programs can be tailored for achieving your ideas together in fashion!

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