Hello, Here are my #fashionnotes

Hello, I am Franka Soeria. Indonesian living in Istanbul. I am a fashion stylist, fashion journalist, fashion copywriter, fashion consultant, fashion PR, fashion designer and whatever in between. You can say I am a fashion hybrid.

I have been writing in the media for years but I am too lazy to write or collecting my writings in my own personal media. Until I come to a point- hey Franka you should have your own personal site.

Then, okay why not? then finally this site is here...

I dont really want to call it a site, why dont we just call it compilation of notes.. #frankasnotes.

So what will I write here? And what you can expect from this site or whatsoever?

Okay, this is the recap:

1. You gonna read about my fashion journey.

Is it important? Well, perhaps.. I kinda have exciting adventure in fashion, maybe you wanna know lil bit.

2. You gonna get some tips about fashion industry

Eventhough I am a stylist, but I don't wanna give styling tips etc, I will be more focus on the industry and the people.

3. You gonna get new insights about fashion world

The world is big, so maybe you wanna know lil bit about the fashion world in other countries. Nah, I wont just talk about the big 4 cities like Milan Paris New York and London, but also I will write about the countries with hidden gems.

4. You gonna read some exclusive interviews I made with fashion people

I met and talked with amazing people along my career. I will share their great thoughts with you.. so many new valuable knowledge...

5. You gonna read about some my experiment on fashion

I like to learn new things, like a lot! So Im gonna share you some interesting experiments that I do

6. You gonna read too many random thoughts

Because Im so random sometimes then you gonna see too many #randomthoughts of me

That's it for now.. You can follow me if you want and I can follow you back if I want..

And see you in my next post!