Modest Fashion Episode: A Conversation with Nabiilabee

Hijabi bloggers have become the common phenomenon since 6 years ago. Hijabi women have proven themselves as independent individuals who can express themselves through various social medias. For many hijabi bloggers, this activity is no longer considered as hobby. They consider this as professional job instead.

As the numbers of hijabi bloggers raised everyday, I am curious to dig about the profession. So I talked with Nabiilabee, a Youtube sensation from United Kingdom.

How did you start your career as hijabi blogger?

I was 16 and discovered the world of blogging I thought it was amazing!

So I started my own blog. Actually I didnt really have a particular theme or topic and I just did fashion and beauty generally. Then I found hijab tutorials on Youtube and I didn’t like anything and nothing seemed to fit for my style. I started to slowly play around with different scarves and colors until I got a few people approach me in town asking how I did it. Eventually in February 2011 i made my first Youtube video of a requested hijab tutorial - I was super shy and didn’t have much confidence. Then a few months later I really got into it and since then I haven’t stopped doing Youtube videos. I really enjoy it.

What is the most difficult part of being a blogger?

Being your self. I never thought that would be the case but for the past few months I’ve been struggling with my deen and all people seem to care about is if my neck is on show or not.

Yes, it’s fair enough. I am there to inspire and modesty is important to me. However I feel that people forget that I’m not perfect and have my own struggles. Apparently they’re not making it any easier.

I love what I do and it has helped me with my religion and become a better person but the pressure to fit the expectations all the time isn’t easy.

Are you taking pictures/videos almost every day?


How many free stuff you got every month?

Depends on my schedule really. I don’t do as much as I used to as I just don’t have the time. I am currently balancing Youtube activity, nabiilabee and a few other jobs

What is the best moment of u being a famous blogger? Any worst moment?

Apart from the passion I have in what I do and fashion and beauty another big reason that kept me going was the amount of amazing feedback I get.

I get girls as young as 11 messaging me saying how I have inspired them to dress modestly and wear hijab and understand why and the beauty of it to girls and ladies becoming interested in Islam and know more. It has been an amazing journey and I’ve loved every moment of it.

Are you close enough with your followers?

Yes I feel like I am. I try to get back to all my messages (I do read every comment on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook) so I speak on a personal level with some of them and try to keep a close connection. Alot of friends were/are my followers as well and that is how we met. Some of my closest friends were girls i met through nabiilabee accounts in social medias.

So many new hijabi blogger out there now, they are competing hard to each other. What’s your opinion?

I think that we must remember that we shouldn’t be competing against one another. We should be helping each other out and working together and we are meant to be one ummah and uniting. Instead we should be competing to become better together!

Do you have any message to new bloggers?

If you have any ideas DO IT! If you want to start a blog, do it! It’s really an amazing experience and even if it doesn’t take off straight away it’s about having fun and doing what you enjoy. Also remember things don’t happen over night :)

After blogger, what’s next...

I would like to have my own line at some point but i do love doing different things everyday and think that’s what ill be sticking to :)

Nabiilabee is a 21 years old fashion student, Hijabi Youtube Guru, Stylist, Blogger, Model and Designer. She has Algerian/Russian ethnicity and based in United Kingdom. Stalk Nabiilabee on:

Instagram: @nabiilabee

Written by Franka Soeria

Photo by @tyfaruki (instagram)