Quote- What They Say About Indonesia: Raffaella Curiel

Raffaella Curiel –Italian Senior Designer, F.I.D.A.P.A Woman of The Year 2010

"I love Indonesia! My last collection is dedicated for Indonesia. I was asking my son to buy antique textiles from Indonesia and I use them as inspirations for my collections. They are amazing!”

#Indonesia has lots of handmade local textiles with beautiful prints from Batik, Weave to Ikat. Lately many global designers are using Indonesian prints for their collections. Even Ikat is featured as the new print trend for 2015.

#I met Raffaella Curiel during my visit to AltaRoma AltaModa- the most prestigious fashion event in Rome. Raffaella is known as designer who create dresses for the first ladies. In AltaRoma 2014, I saw the first lady of Italy was sitting in the front row of her show. After her show, I went to backstage to have a chitchat with her. She is an amazingly friendly and humble woman. Loves!