I can't really put my feelings into words for this girl. Trust me guys when I say this, the way this girl functions is phenomenal. Everyone meet Franka Soeria, a mother of an absolutely adorable baby boy, she is the international relations manager of Indonesia Fashion week and She co-founded, a newly launched global platform where women can embrace and share their experiences of modest fashion. I can go all night if I had to talk about this girl. She is a like a brand of her own.

“You don’t have to be all uptight to be in fashion. Fashion can be friendly as well, that is how we grow to be bigger and better....we should always support each other’s progress”

From the left, franka soeria, my mother, sumaya (franka's sister in law) and me at Franka's lovely home in Indonesia.

I always find her positive attitude very moving. No matter how busy or tired she is never fails to greet anyone with love.I had the pleasure of meeting and visiting her parent’s home in Indonesia and her family was so welcoming to my mom and me. Franka spends most of her time in Istanbul with family but her footsteps can be found all over the world beyond all borders. Masha ‘Allah, May Allah be pleased with her efforts and bring her success to all her upcoming projects Insha’Allah. Find franka at

A la hijab, a global platform for women to share and inspire modest fashion.

A la hijab is a newly launched global platform were women from all around the world can be a part of an incredible online community and share their experiences and inspiration of modest fashion. The community presents authentic and unique styles of each country they are from. I had the pleasure of attending the A la hijab talk show this time as a guest fashion blogger at the Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, more of that you guys already saw on my social media sites.Please have a look at our incredible site and join A la hijab at can also find me in A la hijab just search for @minazification. <3